A century after his death, the remains of Private Thomas Smith, a 19th century Buffalo Soldier were stolen from a remote frontier cemetery in New Mexico. Making matters worse, the perpetrator then kept the soldier’s bones in his home for thirty years. When he died at Fort Craig in 1865, Private Smith was buried with military honors. How he wound up as a macabre trophy in someone’s personal artifact collection is a focus of the documentary film Helluva Way to Treat a Soldier.

Jeep Times of Your Life Series

Times of Your Life is a series CSI helped produce for Jeep as a part of their social media campaign.   Each story is a slice of off-road history, celebrating the story of Jeep, its culture and the people who drive them.  This series won a 2012 Internet Advertising Award and helped drive more than 2 million visitors to Jeep’s Facebook page.


When United and Continental merged in 2012, a new Network Operations Center (NOC) was built in Chicago’s Willis Tower. CSI created an informational film for visitors, and an additional version for new employees beginning work at the NOC.  Construction of the NOC was filmed via a remote camera system designed by CSI.  The remote cameras captured timelapse images for six months until the Center’s completion.  

Outside TV Image Quest Series

CSI developed the Image Quest, an ongoing series on Outside Television. The episodes feature professional photographers and artists who share their wisdom and experience. Chuck Nicklin, a friend and mentor to CSI, shares his thoughts on his long career filming underwater.  

Outside TV Nature's Words

The series Nature's Words was created by CSI for Outside Television, to inspire nature lovers.

X-Games - Jeep Arctic Yeti Dig

Each year Jeep runs a social media campaign to select a number of lucky winners to fly to Aspen and compete in a contest to win a Jeep. For three consecutive years CSI crews created promotional segments and Livestream broadcasts for the contests.